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Tracy Ellyn has traveled with students to art/design/cultural meccas such as Paris, Provence, Monaco, Rome, Venice, Florence, London, Barcelona, Geneva, Guatemala, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and so many more, as they engaged in interdisciplinary experiences including art, design, art history, architecture, museums, languages, and cultural immersion. Our world is growing in its demand for globally-minded people, and one of the best ways to help students achieve this is through travel and exploration. Through travel, students have the opportunity to see first-hand what they have learned, to put into practice the skills they have acquired. They gain a global perspective and a strong independence that no other teaching method can impart. Travel teaches tolerance, self-sufficiency and resourcefulness, and is invaluable for a college or job resume. 

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All images and information, in part or in whole, are ©1981 - present by Tracy Ellyn. All Rights Reserved.

Tracy Ellyn Fine Arts™ and The Zen Tov Project™ and affiliates are protected copyrights and trademarks. 

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